“An attorney’s time is his stock in trade.” – Abraham Lincoln

Start Case Review & Consultation

Consistent with Honest Abe’s explanation, as experienced legal counsel, Landmark Legal offers consultations on potential cases and other legal matters at a fair reflection of the value shared with prospective clients. Given the exceptional experience we bring to you, attorney time in our firm is billed at $400 per hour, and staff time is billed at $160 per hour.

In order to both provide an initial opportunity for introduction and show our goodwill in assisting you, the initial consultation with the attorney is at a discounted rate, typically $200 for 40 minutes or $300 for 60 minutes. The consultation fee must be paid in advance in order to remove the attorney’s time from scheduling other matters. Thereafter, time is billed at standard hourly rates.

We do offer certain packages of evaluative and assessment services at discounted rates as well.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with attorney Andrew Thompson now, please contact or call our offices at (317) 564-4976 and we will be happy to assist you with your needs.


Landmark Legal Services

Landmark Legal Services