Complex Litigation

In a competitive culture, disputes are inevitable. The variable is how they are handled, and the outcomes that are achieved. Our firm has handled highly complex cases, and relies on exceptional legal skill to achieve the results our clients seek.

We manage litigation strategically, and as efficiently as reasonably possible to ensure we meet our clients’ litigation objectives. At every stage, we assess the risks of continuing the course versus shifting or settling, and provide our clients with the best information for making some of the most difficult decisions they will ever face.

Andrew Thompson has argued, prosecuted and defended hundreds of civil and criminal cases in federal and state courts in Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Texas and California, using local counsel wherever necessary. Our clients include businesses in a wide array of industries including: automotive technology, insurance, consumer finance, banking, investor services, manufacturing, health care, entertainment and IT.

After spending 27 years in practice mastering Trial Rules and the Rules of Evidence, Mr. Thompson is a skilled in handling every phase of litigation from pre-litigation strategy, through filing, answers, written and oral discovery, case valuations, depositions, arbitration, mediation, motion practice, jury selection, trials, appeals, settlement, and all other aspects of litigation.

We handle the most complex cases involving trade secrets, declaratory judgments, multiple parties, personal injuries, privacy issues, civil rights, criminal defense, etc. Landmark Legal Services is nimble, experienced and capable of handling your litigation needs.

Landmark Legal Services

Landmark Legal Services