The attorneys at Landmark Legal Services provide legal counsel and representation to clients throughout Indiana relating to guardianships. A guardian is a person who is legally responsible for another person. This can be a child or an adult, a person who just needs financial care or one who may need medical care or attention to special needs, such as mental health. A guardian is appointed by a court to oversee the legal, financial and personal affairs of a ward (the person who needs the care of the guardian).

Guardian of the Person: This type of guardian has physical custody of the ward and provides for their everyday needs. Food, shelter, clothing and other basic necessities must be provided and the guardian will also make decisions about medical treatment and other professional services the ward may need.

• A Guardian of the Estate: This type of guardian is appointed by Indianapolis court to manage financial assets of the ward. A Guardian of the Estate may pay the wards debts, deposit funds into their account, and pay the ward’s income taxes.

• A Limited Guardian: This type of guardian has specifically limited power by court. Only certain areas and aspects of the ward’s life are controlled by a limited guardian, and the ward maintains control over all other areas of their life.

• A Temporary Guardian: This type of guardian is appointed by court when there is an emergency need to prevent injury to the ward. A temporary guardian is usually only necessary for 60 days.

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