High Dollar Litigation

Complex legal issues can be difficult to pigeon-hole. Many times the issues a business or individual faces involve complex, high dollar issues that do not fit the traditional categories of contract, employment, collections or real estate law. Many of these case, but by no means all, fall into the realm of “tort” law. In these difficult cases, it’s important to have very thoughtful and incisive strategists working on your side to help you discern the wisest and most cost-effective course(s) of action.

Landmark Legal Services has tried cases involving fraud, conversion, trade secret infringement, interference with business relationships, defamation, invasion of privacy, and many other claims that do not come across a lawyer’s desk on a daily basis. We have experience in both state and federal court taking these cases as far as necessary to appropriately adjudicate the rights of our clients. Many are settled in mediation, some in negotiation outside of mediation – others, on the courthouse steps. A few wind up going to a judge or jury for the ultimate decision on who wins and loses. We are skilled and experienced at every stage of litigation and can help you achieve your litigation goals.

One of the keys to success in intensive litigation is to match the budget for the litigation with the client’s desired outcome in the case. When a large case is decided in a favorable manner for you, it becomes well worth the money spent to get what you needed to have accomplished.

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Landmark Legal Services

Landmark Legal Services